This is a very simple story. I’m just like everyone else–someone looking to save a few bucks whenever I can. I tried all the off-brand shave clubs and was very disappointed in the quality. I knew after the first shave that it wasn’t worth saving a few pennies a week, and I quickly ran out to buy my trusted national brand. I kept thinking that there must be an online club where I can buy my trusted, high-quality razors. Nope; no one was offering my brands in a club format. Well, fortunately, I have some very good friends in the wholesale business, and I asked them if they could get me national branded razors. Not only were they able to get me the razors, but I was getting them at a wholesale cost.

That got me thinking on how I can turn this into a business. There must be a lot of people out there that tried those cheap off-price razors and was as disappointed as I was. So, after a few months of research and realizing that I might be on to something, I went ahead and started the National Shave Club.

As you can see, it’s a very simple site with the best-selling national brands–all items are discounted lower than what local and national retailers as well as on-line stores do. I’m not saying that I will always be the cheapest, but I should be most of the time. National Shave Club will operate like those ‘dollar clubs,’ even though they are much more than a dollar, in that you will place an order, and we automatically ship it at the noted time. This allows you to not worry about ever running out of your national trusted brands. Oh, and by the way, some of the national brands suggest that you use one razor refill a month. That’s not happening.

Don’t get me wrong; the national brands are high-quality, but one refill per month is just its marketing strategies to compete with the cheap off-brand clubs. If you can extend the use, then it’s a better value. I replace my razor cartridges about every five to 10 shaves, depending on my beard. Any more than that, then they start to nick and sting me pretty bad. So, on my site, the program options are based on averaging three to seven shaves per week. It isn’t a marketing scam; I’m just being realistic, and that usage gives me the best shave.

All orders have FREE SHIPPING and are 100-percent-guaranteed money back if not completely satisfied. And, by the way, we also carry items for women. So, if your wife, girlfriend, partner or friends want to save a little cash and time, let them know about National Shave Club: where you get your trusted national branded high-quality razors at the price and the convenience of a club.